Best Business app for Windows 8

First in Mobile Premier Awards Barcelona 2014

1st Place appcircus México Nov 2013

Available for iPad, Tablet or PC with Windows 8


Organize the theme and objectives of your meetings inviting all participants from a simple interface.


The meeting taking evidence easily of all that is happening and important action items, generating a smart meeting log that will be distributed at the end of each meeting.


Follow up on all action items generated from your meetings organized by category, priority, attendee, and due date.

Get to know productivity in a 360° meeting.

The best application to manage and follow up on meetings, with it you will improve the productivity and organization of the executives that require inviting, coordinating and following up on action items created in work meetings.

Available for your Tablet or PC with Windows 8, find it on Windows Store.

Available for your iPad, find it on App Store.

Manage and follow up on your meeting’s action items.

Adsum Software experiencie 2013.